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The Choice of Hunters, Animal Trainers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Animal trainers use predator urine to train their animals in the detection of specific scents.

Hunters, trappers and naturalists use predator urine to cover up their own scents so that animals
are unaware that humans are present.

Pet owners use predator urine as a training aid to teach pets to urinate in a specific place.

100% Predator Urine Products

Is it safe?

Quite simply, yes. Safe for the animal it is taken from as well! All urines are naturally collected from domestically raised animals on farms that are controlled by appropriate state and federal agencies. The proceeds of urine sales are used to maintain the animals, thus ensuring their care and well-being.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: State Regulation prohibits LegUp Enterprises from selling product to the following states: Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, and New York